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Subject Area: Thin Films and Deposition

Immittance Spectroscopy
Applications to Material Systems
By Mohammad Alim
Copyright: 2017   |   Status: Published   |   Hardcover
Written by one of the pioneers of Immittance Spectroscopy, the book covers precise definition, theory, and applications of overall immittance spectroscopy reflecting the meaning and scope of the spectroscopic style analysis of the data.

Nanostructured Polymer Membranes, Volume 1
Processing and Characterization.
Edited by Visakh, P.M. and Olga Nazarenko
Copyright: 2016   |   Status: Published   |   Hardcover

Life Cycle Assessment Student Handbook
Edited by Mary Ann Curran
Copyright: 2015   |   Status: Published   |   Hardcover
The first book of its kind, the LCA Student Handbook will become a valuable resource for both students and practitioners who are environmentally progressive manufacturers and suppliers, product and process designers, executives and managers, and government officials who want to learn about this essential component of environmental sustainability.

Solar Cell Nanotechnology
Edited by Atul Tiwari, Rabah Boukherroub, and Maheshwar Sharon
Copyright: 2014   |   Status: Published   |   Expected Pub Date:1 October, 2013   |   Hardcover
This important volume details new and developing solar cell nanotechnologies that are not silicon based but with enormous potential for higher energy efficiency

Advanced Energy Materials
Edited by Ashutosh Tiwari and Sergiy Valyukh
Copyright: 2014   |   Status: Published   |   Hardcover
An essential resource for scientists designing new energy materials for the vast landscape of solar energy conversion as well as materials processing and characterization

Nanomedicine for Drug Delivery and Therapeutics
Edited by Ajay Kumar Mishra
Copyright: 2013   |   Status: Published   |   Hardcover
The book provides a comprehensive in-depth multidisciplinary integration of fundamental concepts and applications of the emerging multifunctional nanomedicines in the areas of medicine, drug delivery and therapeutics.

The Economic Competitiveness of Renewable Energy
A Rules of Thumb Approach for Scientists, Engineers, and Policy Makers
By Winfried Hoffmann
Copyright: 2013   |   Status: Published   |   Hardcover
The book lays out the economics and science of renewable energy and argues that the costs will continue to fall dramatically so that adoption is no longer a leap of faith but is financally feasible.

Encapsulation Nanotechnologies
Edited by Vikas Mittal
Copyright: 2013   |   Status: Published   |   Hardcover
This unique and comprehensive book covers all the recent physical, chemical, and mechanical advancements in encapsulation nanotechnologies.

The Physics of Microdroplets
By Jean Berthier and Kenneth A. Brakke
Copyright: 2012   |   Status: Published   |   Hardcover
This book brings a unique approach to understand, calculate and predict the behaviour of droplets and interfaces in modern microsystems.