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Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Flow Simulator
Wilson C. Chin, author, scientist and software developer, earned his Ph.D. from M.I.T. and M.Sc. at Caltech. He has published fifteen research monographs, over a hundred papers and more than four dozen patents. His interests focus on MWD design,
This award-winning software is the most advanced and thorough simulator for managed pressure drilling available, consisting of 3 modules covering (1) steady, 2D, non‐Newtonian, single‐phase, eccentric annular flow, (2) transient, 2D, single‐phase flow modeling, and (3) transient, 3D, multiphase pipe and annular flow.
Covering nearly every aspect of Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) that the engineer working in the field might encounter, this software, awarded by the US Department of Energy, is the complete package. The system consists of three integrated state‐of‐the‐art modules: a) steady, 2D, non‐Newtonian, single‐phase, eccentric annular flow, b) transient, 2D, single‐phase flow modeling, and c) transient, 3D, multiphase pipe and annular flow. In particular, Module (a) allows highly eccentric annuli with general offset circles, which may be modified (with integrated text editor) to include cuttings beds, washouts and fractures; \ Newtonian, power law, Bingham plastic and Herschel‐Bulkley fluids; high yield stresses and plug flows; borehole axis curvature; constant speed drill pipe or casing movement; pressure gradient or total volume flow rate specification; automatically plots, in 3D color, velocity, viscous stress, strain and dissipation function fields using integrated graphics package. Module (b) further supports axial movements, rotations and pump pressure gradients that are generally variable in time, and displays results in movie mode if desired, while Module (c) addresses combined pipe and annular flow with general pumping schedules (different fluids, pumped for different time durations, with different flow rates). Applications include hole cleaning (bottom viscous stresses in deviated and horizontal wells, axial velocity in vertical wells); stuck pipe release and remediation (apparent viscosity); managed pressure drilling (pressures available at all points along borehole and at drillbit, for all time); general swab and surge with arbitrary pipe motions, with and without continuous flow; mud displacement efficiency in cementing applications; and other problems described in book. MPD‐FSTM software system (written in Fortran and Visual Basic) also includes drop‐down menus providing access to simpler “Calculators,” each of which represents state‐of‐the‐art Windows simulation tools with user‐friendly graphical user interfaces. “Calculators” (executable code, with or without source code) also available separately: --Calculator 1 – Newtonian, non‐rotating, axial pipe motion. --Calculator 2 – Herschel‐Bulkley, no rotation or pipe movement. --Calculator 3 – Power law, rotating, no axial pipe movement. --Calculator 4 – Find power law “n, K” using Fann dial readings. --Calculator 5 – Find power law “n, K” using viscosity and shear rate values. --Calculator 6 – Herschel‐Bulkley pipe flow (exact) with volume flow rate prescribed. --Calculator 7 – Herschel‐Bulkley pipe flow (exact) with axial pressure gradient prescribed. --Calculator 8 – Recirculation zone calculation due to stratified flow (barite sag)
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