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Nanomaterials in the Wet Processing of Textiles

Edited by Shahid-ul-Islam and B.S. Butola
Series: Advanced Materials Series
Copyright: 2018   |   Status: Published
ISBN: 9781119459804  |  Hardcover  |  
298 pages | 64 illustrations
Price: $195 USD
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One Line Description
Covers the latest developmental work pertaining to functional modification of natural and synthetic textile materials using nanotechnology

The book is an important resource for academics, industry engineers, postgraduate students and researchers working in the fields of textile chemistry, nanofunctional finishing, chemical engineering and materials science.

Nanotechnology has been the leading the charge in many areas of science and now it is playing an extraordinary role in the functional finishing of textiles and polymers. It has sought to improve existing material performances and develop fibers, composites, and novel finishing methods. Application of nanoparticles has imparted novel characteristics to textiles such as flame retardation, UVblocking, water repellence, self-cleaning, and antimicrobial properties.
This book on Nanomaterials in the Wet Processing of Textiles presents diverse aspects of nanomaterial application in the textile industry, approaches used for synthesis and application, as well as strategies to remove toxic effluents from wastewaters employing state-of-the-art nanoadsorbents.
Among the main topics in the book are:
• Textile dyeing using metallic nanoparticles
• Metal oxide nanoparticles for multifunctional finishing
• New approaches to produce UV protective textiles
• Polymeric nanocomposites for antimicrobial finishing
• Self-cleaning of textiles using advanced nanoparticles
• Silver nanoparticles in dyeing and finishing applications
• Nano zinc oxide in the textile industry
• Textile effluent using chitosan nanocomposites
• Remediation of textile effluents using nano-catalysts.

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Author / Editor Details
Shahid-ul-Islam is a researcher of international recognition at the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India. His current research interests include green chemistry, dyes & pigments, thermodynamics and kinetics of colorants, and polymeric nanocomposites. He has numerous academic publications in international journals of high repute to his credit.

B. S. Butola obtained his B. Tech. (1990) and Ph.D. degrees (2005) in textile technology from IIT Delhi, India. Currently he is an Associate Professor at the Department of Textile Technology, IIT Delhi. His research interests include functionalization of textiles with metal oxides, use of shear thickening fluids for improving the impact performance of ballistic textiles, polymeric nanocomposites and smart colorants.

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Table of Contents
1 Functional Finishing of Textiles via Nanomaterials
Azadeh Bashari, Mina Shakeri, Anahita Rouhani Shirvan and Seyyed Abbas Noorian Najafabadi
2 Antimicrobial Textiles Based on Metal and Metal Oxide Nano-particles
Mangala Joshi and Anasuya Roy
3 Nano-Zinc Oxide: Prospects in the Textile Industry
N. Vigneshwaran, V. Prasad, A. Arputharaj, A.K. Bharimalla and P.G. Patil
4 Application of Nanomaterials in the Remediation of Textile Effluents from Aqueous Solutions
Mohammad Kashif Uddinand Ziaur Rehman
5 Chitosan–Graphene-Grafted Nanocomposite Materials for Wastewater Treatment
Mohammad Shahadat, Ankita Jha, Parveen Fatimah Rupani, Asha Embrandiri, Shaikh Ziauddin Ahammad and S. Wazed Ali
6 Decolorization of Textile Wastewater Using Composite Materials
Sharf Ilahi Siddiqui, Rangnath Ravi, Geetanjali Rathi, Nusrat Tara, Shahid-ul-Islam and Saif Ali Chaudhry
7 Adsorption of Cr (VI) and Textile Dyes on to Mesoporous Silica, Titanate Nanotubes, and Layered Double Hydroxides
Rashmi Acharya, Brundabana Naik and K. M. Parida
8 Ultrasonic Synthesis of Zero Valent Iron Nanoparticles for the Efficient Discoloration of Aqueous Solutions Containing Methylene Blue Dye
Mohammadreza Kamali, Isabel Capela and Maria Elisabete Costa

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Author/Editor Details
Table of Contents
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