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Advanced Surface Engineering Materials

Edited by Ashutosh Tiwari, Rui Wang and Bingqing Wei
Series: Advanced Materials Series
Copyright: 2016   |   Status: Published
ISBN: 9781119314158  |  Hardcover  |  
730 pages | 287 illustrations
Price: $225 USD
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One Line Description
The book offers a comprehensive state-of–the-art review of the advances in surface engineering materials science and technology.

This book is written for readers from diverse backgrounds across the fields of chemistry,
physics, materials science and engineering, medical science, environmental, bio- and nanotechnologies, and biomedical engineering.

Advanced Surface Engineering Materials contains 14 detailed and up-to-date chapters on functional coatings and adhesives, engineering of nanosurfaces, high-tech surface materials, characterization and new applications. With such a book in hand, one can easily figure out the methodology and essential rationales underlying every aspect of material innovations—from bio-inspired coating or polymer films to biosynthesis of nanomaterials and graphene, from
carbon structures growth to deep-blue organic light-emitting diodes, or from latent biosensor application to high efficiency devices assembly—and the topic can be extended even to the modulation of enzymes or the assessment of plasma-material interactions for process safety.
Some of the subject covered in this unique book include:
• Bio-inspired coatings and adhesives • Femtosecond laser texturing of bio-based
polymer films for surface functionalization • Engineered electromagnetic surfaces and
their applications • Biosynthesis of metal nanoparticles and graphene • Nanoassisted
functional modulation of enzymes • Electrospun fibers based on biopolymers
• Deep-blue organic light-emitting diodes • From fluorophores to phosphors for highefficiency
devices • Advanced titanium surfaces and its alloys for orthopedic and dental
applications based on digital SEM imaging analysis

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Author / Editor Details
Ashutosh Tiwari is Secretary General, International Association of Advanced Materials; Chairman and Managing Director of Tekidag AB (Innotech); Associate Professor and Group Leader, Smart Materials and Biodevices at the world premier Biosensors and Bioelectronics Centre, IFM-Linköping University; Editor-in-Chief, Advanced Materials Letters; a materials chemist and docent in the Applied Physics with the specialization of Biosensors and
Bioelectronics from Linköping University, Sweden. He has more than 100 peer-reviewed primary research publications in the field of materials science and nanotechnology and has
edited/authored more than 35 books on advanced materials and technology.

Rui Wang obtained his PhD in chemical engineering from Dalian University of Technology,China in 1996 and is now a full Professor at Shandong University. He has published more than 140 research papers and two books, together with 21 granted patents and 7 pending patents. His research areas encompass the overlapping fields of environmental engineering,chemical engineering, clean energy, and materials science with a strong emphasis on waste reclamation and reuse.

Bingqing Wei (B. Q. Wei) received his PhD degree in 1992 from Tsinghua University,Beijing, China. He is currently a tenured professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Delaware, USA. Prof. Wei’s research interests lie in nanomaterials and their energy applications. He has published more than 240 scientific papers in refereed international journals and delivered 160 plus invited talks and seminars in academia and industry worldwide. His research work has been intensively cited more than 13,000 times by peer scientists with the h-index of 58.

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Table of Contents
Part 1 Functional Coatings and Adhesives
1 Bio-inspired Coatings and Adhesives
Saurabh Das and B. Kollbe Ahn
2 Advancement of Surface by Applying a Seemingly
Simple Sol–gel Oxide Materials
Justyna Krzak, Beata Borak, Anna Łukowiak, Anna Donesz-Sikorska, Bartosz Babiarczuk, Krzysztof Marycz and Anna Szczurek
3 Femtosecond Laser Texturing of Bio-based Polymer Films for Surface Functionalization
A. Daskalova
4 Engineered Electromagnetic Surfaces and Their Applications
Mirko Barbuto, Filiberto Bilotti, Alessio Monti, Davide Ramaccia and Alessandro Toscano
5 Structural and Hydroxyapatite-like Surface Functionalization of Advanced Biomimetic Prototype Interface for RA Endoprostheses to Enhance Osteoconduction and Osteointegration
Ryszard Uklejewski, Piotr Rogala and Mariusz Winiecki
Part 2 Engineering of Nanosurfaces
6 Biosynthesis of Metal Nanoparticles and Graphene
Ujjal Kumar Sur
7 Surface Modifiers for the Generation of Advanced Nanomaterials
Pınar Akkuş Süt, Melike Belenli, Özlem Şen, Melis Emanet, Mine Altunbek and Mustafa Çulha
8 Nanoassisted Functional Modulation of Enzymes: Concept and Applications
Arka Mukhopadhyay and Hirak K. Patra
9 Electrospun Fibers Based on Biopolymers
Alicia Mujica-Garcia, Agueda Sonseca, Marina P. Arrieta, Maysa Yusef, Daniel López, Enrique Gimenez, José M. Kenny and Laura Peponi
10 Nanostructured Materials as Biosensor Transducers: Achievements and Future Developments
N.F. Starodub, K.E. Shavanova, N.F. Shpyrka,
M.M. Mel’nichenko and R.V. Viter
Part 3 High-tech Surface, Characterisation, and New Applications
11 Optical Emission Spectroscopy Investigation of Direct Current Micro-plasma for Carbon Structures Growth
Dana-Cristina Toncu
12 Advanced Titanium Surfaces and Its Alloys for Orthopedic and Dental Applications Based on Digital SEM Imaging Analysis
Sahar A. Fadlallah, Amira S. Ashour and Nilanjan Dey
13 Deep-blue Organic Light-emitting Diodes: From Fluorophores to Phosphors for High-efficiency Devices
Frédéric Dumur
14 Plasma–material Interactions Problems and Dust Creation and Re-suspension in Case of Accidents in Nuclear Fusion Plants: A New Challenge for Reactors like ITER and DEMO
A. Malizia, L.A. Poggi, J.F. Ciparisse, S. Talebzadeh,
M. Gelfusa, A. Murari and P. Gaudio

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Author/Editor Details
Table of Contents
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