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Zero Waste Engineering, 2nd Edition

A New Era of Sustainable Technology Development
By M. M. Khan and M. R. Islam
Copyright: 2016   |   Status: Published
ISBN: 9781119184898  |  Hardcover  |  
690 pages
Price: $249.00 USD
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One Line Description
This book outlines how to develop zero-waste engineering following natural pathways that are truly sustainable using methods that have been developed for sustainability, such as solar air conditioning, natural desalination, green building, chemical-free biofuel, fuel cells, scientifically renewable energy, and new mathematical and economic models.

Engineers and scientists of all industries, including the energy industry, construction, the process industries, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing. Chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, petroleum engineers, process engineers, civil engineers, pharmaceutical engineers, and many others interested in a sustainable lifestyle.

This second edition of a new scientific classic offers a groundbreaking paradigm shift to the engineer. As the world tries to create new ways of living efficiently and eliminating waste, scientific exploration continues to provide answers to the engineers who construct our homes, generate our fuel, process our food, and build our products. Sustainability is, perhaps, the most important issue facing our society today, with much of the world still turning to coal and oil to fuel its growth, buildings continuing to be built based on antiquated designs, and industry continuing to create environmental hazards and turning natural habitats into unsafe zones.

The authors delve into the fundamental science and engineering aspects of sustainability and the principle of “zero waste,” not just from a philosophical or hypothetical point, but they present detailed methods for eliminating waste in many important areas of engineering, such as civil engineering, agriculture, construction, health products, and energy production.

If nature is recyclable and, by its condition, “perfect,” in the sense that it cannot be wasteful or destructive without renewing itself, and if humans are, by their actions, responsible for the waste and devastation that we see in the world today, it seems that a return to natural pathways would be the logical way to achieve sustainability and zero-waste. The authors explore these issues and questions, offering mathematical models, new processes, and new, sustainable products for achieving this ultimate, desired result: Zero-Waste Engineering.

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Supplementary Data
• Invokes paradigm shift in engineering by introducing dogma-free science on which true sustainability and zero-waste engineering can be based
• Presents new models for energy efficiency, cooling processes, and natural chemical and material selection, health products with industrial applications
• Explains how “green buildings” and “green homes”, equipped with direct solar air conditioning, desalination, and total recycling, can be efficiently built and operated with zero waste
• Offers successful experiments in sustainability and zero-waste engineering
• Presents economic analysis to demonstrate the long-term appeal of zero-waste engineering

Author / Editor Details
M. M. Khan is an accomplished author and researcher. He has published numerous research articles and co-authored three books on the greening of petroleum technology and environmental sustainability. His latest research projects involve innovative gasification of bituminous coal and mathematical modeling.

M. R. Islam is the President of Emertec Research and Development Ltd. He is also an adjunct Professor of Petroleum Engineering at Dalhousie University, where he held the first Killam Chair in petroleum engineering during 2000-2005. Dr. Islam has nearly 800 publications to his credit, including dozens of books on topics of sustainability, environment, and health. He is the editor of several international journals and is on the editorial boards of several others. In the past, he has served as an editor of journals produced by SPE, JPSE, JCPT, JPSE, and AICHE. His latest books are on the greening of pharmaceutical engineering, mathematical modeling and peak energy, published by Wiley-Scrivener.

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Author/Editor Details
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