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Intelligent Nanomaterials, 2nd Edition

Edited by Ashutosh Tiwari, Yogendra Kumar Mishra, Hisatoshi Kobayashi and Anthony P.F. Turner
Series: Advanced Materials Series
Copyright: 2016   |   Status: Published
ISBN: 9781119242482  |  Hardcover  |  
570 pages
Price: $225.00 USD
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One Line Description
The 2nd edition of Intelligent Nanomaterials presents a detailed and comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art development of different nanoscale intelligent materials for advanced applications.

Scientists, researchers, students and engineers in materials science/ nanotechnology research, intelligent systems and nanodevices, sensors, carbon nanomaterials, graphenes, nanobiomaterials, advanced biomaterials applications. This book will also be useful for interdisciplinary PhD candidates for developing their fundamental understanding about the subject and will be appropriate for upper and undergraduate level courses on nanomaterials processing, properties and applications.

Apart from the fundamental aspects of fabrication and characterization of nanomaterials, this book covers key advanced principles involved in the utilization of the functionalities presented by nanomaterials in appropriate forms. It is very important to develop and understand the basic principles of how to utilize nanoscale intelligent features in the desired fashion. These unique nanoscopic properties can either be accessed when the nanomaterials are prepared in an appropriate form, for example, as composites, or in an integrated nanodevice form for direct use as electronic sensing devices. In both cases, the nanostructure has to be appropriately prepared, carefully handled, and properly integrated in order to efficiently access their intelligent features.
The book discusses these aspects in three themed sections: Nanomaterials, Fabrication and Biomedical Applications; Nanomaterials for Energy, Electronics, and Biosensing; Smart Nanocomposites, Fabrication, and Applications. The 16 chapters, all written by subject experts, cover the fundamental principles behind the fabrication of different nanomaterials, composites and nanoelectronic devices as well as their applications in targeted drug deliveries, energy harvesting, memory devices electrochemical biosensing and other advanced composite-based biomedical applications.
This eagerly awaited 2nd edition has the following key topics: • Advanced silver and oxide hybrids of catalysts during formaldehyde production • Physico-chemical characterisation and basic research principles of advanced drug delivery nanosystems • Nanoporous alumina as an intelligent nanomaterial for biomedical applications • Nanomaterials: Structural peculiarities, biological effects and some aspects of applications • Biomedical applications of intelligent nanomaterials • Phase change materials as smart nanomaterials for thermal energy storage in buildings • Nanofluids with enhanced heat transfer properties for thermal energy storage • Resistive switching of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes for advanced nanoelectronics devices • Multi-objective design of nanoscale double gate MOSFET devices using surrogate modelling and global optimization • Graphene-based electrochemical biosensors • Carbon fibres-based silica aerogel nanocomposites • Hydrogel-carbon nanotubes composites for protection of egg yolk antibodies.

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Author / Editor Details
Ashutosh Tiwari is Secretary General, International Association of Advanced Materials; Chairman and Managing Director of Tekidag AB (Innotech); Associate Professor and Group Leader, Smart Materials and Biodevices at the world premier Biosensors and Bioelectronics Centre, IFM-Linköping University. He has more than 100 peer-reviewed primary research publications in the field of materials science and nanotechnology and has edited/authored more than 35 books on advanced materials and technology.

Yogendra Kumar Mishra is the Group Leader at Functional Nanomaterials, Institute for Materials Science in University of Kiel, Germany. He obtained his PhD in 2008 from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and his ‘Dr. habil.’ title in 2015 from the University of Kiel. He has published more than 70 articles in referred journals.

Hisatoshi Kobayashi is a group leader of WPI Research center MANA, National Institute for Material Science, Tsukuba Japan. He has published more than 180 publications, articles, books, and patents in the field of biomaterial science and technology. His expertise is biomaterial science, biopolymers, biodegradable polymers, nano-composites, nano-fibers, ophthalmologic and orthopedic devices.

Anthony (Tony) Turner’s name is synonymous with the field of biosensors and has over 750 publications and patents in the field. In 2010, he joined Linköping University to create a new Centre for Biosensors and Bioelectronics. His previous 35- year academic career in the UK culminated in the positions of Principal of Cranfield University at Silsoe and Distinguished Professor of Biotechnology. He was elected to the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in 2013 and was made a Fellow of the UK Royal Society of Chemistry in 1996.

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Author/Editor Details
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