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Electrokinetics for Petroleum and Environmental Engineers

By George V. Chilingar and Mohammed Haroun
Copyright: 2015   |   Status: Published
ISBN: 9781118842690  |  Hardcover  |  
262 pages
Price: $200.95 USD
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One Line Description
Written by a pioneer in electrokinetics and one of the most well-known petroleum engineers in the world, this volume is the first volume ever written that explores the practical uses in petroleum and environmental engineering of this technology.

Petroleum Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Geologists, Geophysicists and Engineering Students, petroleum, drilling, and reservoir engineers, production engineers and geologists

Electrokinetics is a term applied to a group of physicochemical phenomena involving the transport of charges, action of charged particles, effects of applied electric potential and fluid transport in various porous media to allow for a desired migration or flow to be achieved. These phenomena include electrokinetics, electroosmosis, ion migration, electrophoresis, streaming potential and electroviscosity. These phenomena are closely related and all contribute to the transport and migration of different ionic species and chemicals in porous media. The physicochemical and electrochemical properties of a porous medium and the pore fluid, and the magnitudes of the applied electrical potential all impact the direction and velocity of the fluid flow. Also, an electrical potential is generated upon the forced passage of fluid carrying charged particles through a porous medium.
The use of electrokinetics in the field of petroleum and environmental engineering was groundbreaking when George Chilingar pioneered its use decades ago, but it has only been in recent years that its full potential has been studied. This is the first volume of its kind ever written, offering the petroleum or environmental engineer a practical “how to” book on using electrokinetics for more efficient and better oil recovery and recovery from difficult reservoirs.
This groundbreaking volume is a must-have for any petroleum engineer working in the field, and for students and faculty in petroleum engineering departments worldwide.

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Supplementary Data
• Electrically Enhanced Oil Recovery (EEOR)
• EK-assisted waterflooding
• EK-assisted acidizing
• Unsticking of stuck drillpipes
• Decontamination of contaminated soils and offshore muds
• Stabilization of weak grounds and heaving and sloughing shales in boreholes

Author / Editor Details
George V. Chilingar, PhD, is an Emeritus Professor of Engineering at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA. He is one of the most well-known petroleum geologists in the world and the founder of several prestigious journals in the oil and gas industry. He has published over 70 books and 500 articles and has received over 100 awards over his career.

Mohammed Haroun, PhD, graduated from the University of Southern California and is known for his hybrid work in petroleum and environmental engineering. He has written numerous papers, a book, and he has several patents to his name.

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Author/Editor Details
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