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Carbon Dioxide Sequestration and Related Technologies

Edited By Ying Wu and John J. Carroll
Series: Advances in Natural Gas Engineering
Copyright: 2011   |   Expected Pub Date:June 2011//
ISBN: 9780470938768  |  Hardcover  |  
481 pages
Price: $202.95 USD
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One Line Description
The most comprehensive and up-to-date work done on the important, emerging technology of carbon dioxide sequestration.

Process engineers, chemical engineers, engineers working in natural gas

Carbon dioxide sequestration is a technology that is being explored to curb the anthropogenic emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide has been implicated in the global climate change and reducing them is a potential solution.

The injection of carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) has the duel benefit of sequestering the CO2 and extending the life of some older fields. Sequestering CO2 and EOR have many shared elements that make them comparable.

This volume presents some of the latest information on these processes covering physical properties, operations, design, reservoir engineering, and geochemistry for AGI and the related technologies.

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Author / Editor Details
Ying (Alice) Wu is currently the President of Sphere Technology Connection Ltd. (STC) in Calgary, Canada. From 1983 to 1999 she was an Assistant Professor and Researcher at Southwest Petroleum Institute (now Southwest Petroleum University, SWPU) in Sichuan, China. She received her MSc in Petroleum Engineering from the SWPU and her BSc in Petroleum Engineering from Daqing Petroleum University in Heilongjiang, China.

John J. Carroll, PhD, PEng is the Director, Geostorage Process Engineering for Gas Liquids Engineering, Ltd. in Calgary, Canada. Dr. Carroll holds bachelor and doctoral degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, and is a registered professional engineer in the provinces of Alberta and New Brunswick in Canada. His fist book, Natural Gas Hydrates: A Guide for Engineers, is now in its second edition, and he is the author or co-author of 50 technical publications and about 40 technical presentations.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: The Three Sisters – CCS, AGI, and EOR
Y. Wu, J.J. Carroll, and Z. Du

Section 1 Data and Correlation

Chapter 1
Prediction of Acid Gas Dew Points in the Presence of Water and Volatile Organic Compounds
R. Tomcej

Chapter 2
Phase Behavior of China Reservoir Oil at Different CO2 injected Concentrations
F.-G. Li, X. Yang, C.-Y. Sun, and G.-J. Chen

Chapter 3
Viscosity and Density Measurements for Sour Gas Fluids at High Temperatures and Pressures
B.R. Giri, P. Blais and R.A. Marriott

Chapter 4
Acid Gas Viscosity Modeling with the Expanded Fluid Viscosity Correlation
H. Motahhari, M.A. Satyro, and H.W. Yarranton

Chapter 5
Evaluation and Improvement of Sour Property Packages in Unisim Design
J. Yang, E. Zhao, L. Wang, and S. Saha

Chapter 6
Compressibility Factor of High CO2-Content Natural Gases: Measurement and Correlation
X. Bian, Z. Du, Y. Tang, and J. Du

Section 2 Process Engineering

Chapter 7
Analysis of Acid Gas Injection Variables
E. Wichert and J. van der Lee

Chapter 8
Glycol Dehydration as a Mass Transfer Rate Process
N.A. Hatcher, J.L. Nava, and R.H. Weiland

Chapter 9
Carbon Capture Using Amine-Based Technology
B. Spooner and D. Engel

Chapter 10
Dehydration-through-Compression: Is it Adequate? A Tale of Three Gases
W. Wright

Chapter 11
Diaphragm Pumps improve Efficiency of Compressing Acid Gas and CO2
J. Jarosch and A.-D. Braun

Section 3 Reservoir Engineering

Chapter 12
Acid Gas Injection in the Permian and San Juan Basins: Recent Case Studies from New Mexico
D.T. Lescinsky, A.A. Gutierrez, J.C. Hunter, J.W. Gutierrez, and R.E. Bentley

Chapter 13
CO2 and Acid Gas Storage in Geological Formations as Gas Hydrate
F. Qanbari, O.Y. Zatsepina, S.H. Tabatabaie, and M. Pooladi-Darvish

Chapter 14
Complex Flow Mathematical Model of Gas Pool with Sulfur Deposition
W. Zhu, Y. Long, Q. Liu, Y. Ju, and X. Huang

Section 4 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Chapter 15
Enhanced Oil Recovery Project: Dunvegan C Pool
D. Burns

Chapter 16
CO2 Flooding as an EOR Method for Low Permeability Reservoirs
Y. Hu, Y. Hu, Q. Li, L. Huang, M. Hao, and S. Yang

Chapter 17
Pilot Test Research on CO2 Drive in Very Low Permeability Oil Field of in Daqing Changyuan
W. Zhu, J. Cheng, X. Huang, Y. Long, and Y. Lou

Chapter 18
Operation Control of CO2-Driving in Field Site. Site Test in Wellblock Shu 101, Yushulin Oil Field, Daqing
X. Wan, T. Sun, Y. Zhang, T. Yang, and C. Mu

Chapter 19
Application of Heteropolysaccharide in Acid Gas Injection
J. Zhang, G. Guo and S. Li

Section 5 Geology and Geochemistry

Chapter 20
Impact of SO2 and NO on Carbonated Rocks Submitted to a Geological Storage of CO2: an Experimental Study
S. Renard, J. Sterpenich, J. Pironon, A. Randi, P. Chiquet, and M. Lescanne

Chapter 21
Geochemical Modeling of Huff ‘n' Puff Oil Recovery with CO2 at the Northwest McGregor Oil Field
Y.I. Holubnyak, B.A.F. Mibeck, J.M. Bremer, S.A. Smith, J.A. Sorensen, C.D. Gorecki, E.N. Steadman, and J.A. Harju

Chapter 22
Comparison of CO2 and Acid Gas Interactions with Reservoir Fluid and Rocks at Williston Basin Conditions
Y.I. Holubnyak, S.B. Hawthorne, B.A. Mibeck, D.J. Miller, J.M. Bremer, S.A. Smith, J.A. Sorensen, E.N. Steadman, and J.A. Harju

Section 6 Well Technology

Chapter 23
Well Cement Ageing in Various H2S-CO2 Fluids at High Pressure and High Temperature: Experiments and Modelling. Well Cement Aging at High PT Conditions
N. Jacquemet, J. Pironon, V. Lagneau, and J. Saint-Marc

Chapter 24
Casing Selection and Correlation Technology for Ultra-Deep, Ultra- High Pressure, High H2S Gas Wells
Y. Sun, Y. Lin, T. Shi, Z. Wang, D. Zhu, L. Chen, S. Liu, and D. Zeng

Chapter 25
Coupled Mathematical Model of Gas Migration in Cemented Annulus with Mud Colum in Acid Gas Well
H. Zhu, Y. Lin, Y. Sun, D. Zeng, Z. Zhang, and T. Shi

Section 7 Corrosion

Chapter 26
Study on Corrosion Resistance of L245/825 Lined Steel Pipe Welding Gap in H2S+CO2 Environment
D. Zeng, Y. Lin, L. Huang, D. Zhu, T. Gu, T. Shi, and Y. Sun

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TEC009010: TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Chemical & Biochemical
TEC010000: TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING / Environmental / General
THFG: Gas technology
THF: Fossil fuel technologies
TDCB: Chemical engineering

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Author/Editor Details
Table of Contents
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